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Category: Poetry


They’ve hooked up machines
To the cows in the stall;
Gonna drain ‘em of milk
And to market will haul.

Poured into cauldrons
Then heated and stirred
To purify contents
From many great herds.

Then packaged and shipped
To the markets to sell
In plastic and paper
To homes where we dwell.

An homogenized yield
From beginning to end,
From mammal to mammal
The cow’s special blend.

The cows give their lives
’Til their lives are all spent;
Like the citizens used
By their own government.
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Off Course

With foresight cited,
Launched a dart
Into space,
It’s course they’d chart.

An asteroid aimed
At no where near
The earth or moon -
Not one to fear.

To see if they
Could knock off course
Projectiles aimed
At us with force.

Billions of these
Asteroids fly
And someday one
Will grace our sky.

And make a dent
Or so much worse,
Destroy the life,
Our universe.

They hit the target,
Weeks will wait
Before assessment
Of its fate.

Too bad the science
With a probe
Can’t fix our course
Here on this globe. 
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Here it is tomorrow,
I had a plan or two;
A thought of somehow of something
Special I would do.

But like tomorrow’s passing,
The yesterday’s I know,
I’ll probably just abandoned
The plans I had in stow.

Another thought appearing,
Replaces thoughts in place,
And I’ll pursue the present,
The new plan I will chase.

So a life’s constructed
In fleeting thoughts and acts;
Depending on each moment
And thoughtful artifacts.
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Seven decades waiting
Before this came to pass -
Replaced his regal mother
When she ran out of gas.

His face is on a coin now,
Enshrined and now embossed,
Reflecting his ascension -
The monarchy’s new boss.

Congrats for the achievement,
His parent’s youthful whim,
For scheduling conception
The crown belongs to him.

Bringing instant riches
In their shadow he would stalk
With every decade’s passing,
In the margins he would walk.

While the kingdom’s reach receded,
Its influence would quail,
And a bride would gain more stature
Than did the Prince of Wales.

But finally now arriving
He rides the taxpayer’s dole
His face now graces coinage, 
The monarch’s great role.

His face is in the pocket
Of subjects and the tools,
Fulfilling his good fortune
With money and the jewels.
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Oh the mighty leaf is like
A magic swirling trick;
All veins and stems and chlorophyll
That make the forest tick.

Converting sunlight to the feed
Sustaining life and growth;
Producing carbohydrates which
Advance and urge them both.

Reaching every higher toward
The source that feeds its need,
Branches sprout along the trunk
Adorned with leaves that feed.

Bending and adjusting
To the neighbors casting shade;
Extending roots in vast arrays,
Supporting where they’ve strayed.

Struggle to survive their time
In poverty or wealth;
Adjust to Mother Nature’s whims
To guarantee their health.

They need the earth for their support
And we need theirs in turn;
We must protect their earthly needs
For oxygen we burn.

No different than the lives we live,
A common cause is served;
A mutual dependence born
So both will be preserved.
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The winds are blowing’ off the sea,
They’re heading for the shore;
A path that’s sure to leave in wake
Destruction to the core.

There’s nothing much to do but wait,
No stopping what’s ahead;
Flee to safer harbors or
Confront the watershed.

Your destiny’s not in your hands,
So many hazards lie
Outside the doorstep of your life
Beyond your reach and eye.

Buckle up, enjoy the ride,
And hope the carnie’s hand
Instructs a steady bearing on
The route for you he’s planned.
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Simpler Time

The Cat in the Hat
Stands on my desk
With Gumby beside him,
A cartoon burlesque.

In company keep
With a pushier of keys
To elicit expression,
On a mystical breeze.

The artifacts of childhood
Brought into play 
To ground and give footing
In each subsequent day.

To contrast the muddled
That the ages have brought,
Reaffirming the cardinal
With which I was wrought.

Stripped of veneer
The bedrock exposed
By the simpler times 
The icons disclosed.
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Ready or Not

The spots are all gone
From the doe’s twin fawn
As the summer has passed,
Along with time’s cast.

A couple months back
Were a tiny two-pack
That nursed for their meals
With tiny fawn squeals.

As the summer progressed
Their spots have regressed
And they’ve grown nearly tall
As their mother’s lean sprawl.

Now feeding alone
And nearly full grown,
Prepared for the living
In fields unforgiving.

She’ll leave them to fend,
Independent lives spend,
I hoped they’ve learned well
At their mother’s farewell 

She’s done all she can
For her twosome, her clan;
On their shoulders now rests
All of nature’s great tests.
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Quite a day I’m having,
So much it seems to do
Each day upon awak’ning
Upon the morning dew.

Laundry through the cycles,
The wash and dry and place;
A canine that needs walking
Or in his case, a race.

Then cat and dog together
Must have their food restored;
Topping off the water,
Their needs can’t be ignored.

Coffee and the socials
Call out each day out dawn
For postings of my genius
Where on the screen are drawn.

In or out some breakfast
Maintaining the physique
Of once a vibrant body
That now is near antique.

Then gather up a novel,
Embrace the fiction found;
Imagined lives and exploits
Beyond the one I’m bound.

Yoga stretching efforts
Then on to exercise
Upon an apparatus,
My heart to energize.

Then moments of reflection,
Conversing with the Lord
For benediction granted
And all of life’s rewards.

Further in the evening,
A drink to ease the soul;
Relax the walls dividing
Me from the greater whole.

When daylight is diminished,
Sleep beckons to its hold,
I drift into the ether
In dreams the days unfold.
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Triscuits and cheese,
Muenster’s the best,
Arrayed on a napkin
For the afternoon fest.

Precisely ten crackers,
Two slices of cheese
Torn into ten
Then placed as I please.

Ritually staged
Each day about one -
Obsessive, perhaps,
But the way that it’s done.

Consumed at a pace
That’s leisurely spent
To drive away hunger
And need circumvent.

These days that are passing
Contently are borne
Like a favorite old shirt
That is tattered and torn.
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