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Author: poetrypause


It never occurs
Three wins in a row
Since I was a child
Just the way that it goes

A champion team
Never to be
The Lions of MoTown
A loser you’ll see

Year after year
Mediocre at best
Don’t bet a dime
Give it a rest

But the holiday’s here
They play every year
Have lost more than not
No reason to cheer

But the kickoff is here
As I set down this text
No telling what’s coming
For a team that’s so hexed

When you read this it’s over
The scores are exchanged
They’ve won or they’ve lost
But history’s unchanged
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30 Years & 9 Months

Frozen in time
Thirty years gone
Defrosted at last
To meet a new dawn

April the month
’92 was the year
Embryos cast
From a couple’s veneer

In nitrogen stashed
As the decades went by
‘Til a pair with an issue
With conception they’d try

The embryo planted
And into twins grew
And were born thirty years
From the day they were new

Others have come
From embryos iced
But the longest before
Into someone were spliced

A thirty year sleep
On uncharted trails
With a story to tell
And a lifetime of tales
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Breakfast Spam

The conversation questioned
Conversing not precise
Like disconnected statements
Words thrown like tumblin’ dice

They gather every morning
But nothing’s ever said
Words against a window
Tossed from every head

“I worked for Jake and told him….”
A man threw in the air
In response another
“My wife has changed her hair”

“That idiot elected….”
Another voice would say
And yet another’d offer
“The schools are closed today”

No terminals connecting
No ties the needles thread
Just cleaning off the hard drive
Of spam within their heads
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There was a a house of cinder block
A creaky door on which to knock
A.windowed frame with rusted lock
That peered out to a wooden dock

Buried in the forest trees
Primeval howls on the breeze
Nights that ushered some unease
And nightmare dreams your sleep to seize

Rumors of unsettle past
Ghosts and sprits through which passed
Placing fear most unsurpassed
In visitors who there were cast

Few stayed beyond a night or two
Anxiety flowing through and through
Disregarding all they knew
Out the door away they flew

The limits of the body’s skin
Contain what’s real deep within
Perception’s edge is razor thin
The end of where we all begin
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Twelve weeks in
It’s going fast
And touchdowns passed

No true fan
I’m not all that
No favorite team
The Bears or Cats

More Sunday fodder
For a day
With nothing else
To hold my sway

I watch and snack
And grab a nap
Three hours or so
A game will sap

The player’s names
I know a few
A couple more
Know what they do

Though interest wanes
Throughout a game
When seasons end
Spring lays its claim

I’ll feel the void
Of football past 
The rich and coddled
In its cast
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An owl came a-callin’
Lookin’ for a meal
Surveyed the frozen landscape
From a fence post he would steal

Beware of dangers lurking
Above and from afar
The critters move in stealth
Beneath the moon and stars

The owl’s vision keener
Than most of every prey
Detects the slightest movement
Whenever caution strays

Most times he’s successful
Will transport underwing
With talons grasp the wayward 
And feast this night a king
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The pugilists enter
To a crowd’s deaf’ning roar
Introduced to each other
For the upcoming war

The ringmaster noting
Their records and stats
A bio that’s brief
And their home habitats

Then to the corners
Assigned to their task
The fighters prepare
And their bodies unmask

At the opening bell
They exchange a light touch
Then off to the races
They let out the clutch

Bobbing and weaving
Around a great ring
Dodging and punching
With uppercut swings

If they’re lucky they’ll box
Through every round planned
If not they’re defeated
Outboxed and outmanned

Retire, recoup
Nursing bruises and hacks
Collecting their checks
Minus Uncle Sam’s tax

A job like all others
At the end of each day
They’re tired and used 
For the requisite pay
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Neighborhood Bar

A wall full of bottles
Behind a great bar
Invites every comer
From near and from far.

To hoist themselves up
On a stool to embrace
The comfort of cocktails
For troubles they face.

A blonde in tight jeans
Prepares every drink
While patrons consider
Her piercings and ink.

Imagine a time
When youth was their friend
To confuse and distort 
How time seems to bend.

A place of reflection
Of hope and despair
While toasting the coming
Recall what was there.
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Looking Back

Many nights I stood alone
Enveloped by the dark
Staring into heaven’s sky
The home where angels hark

A tripod mounted telescope
Aimed into the stars
To rocks that are suspended there
From Jupiter to Mars

The planets held a steady light
While twinkling were the stars
I’d focus on the steadfast light
Reflecting much like ours.

Ponder as my youthful self
The mystery’s deeply held
No answers were forthcoming
The mysteries still withheld

The galaxy we float within
A speck to those beyond
Somewhere someone’s looking back
With thoughts that correspond
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In Debt

To curious minds
We owe so much
Exploring unknowns
With bravery untouched.

To find a fowl egg
Then crack and digest
To milk a brown cow
Then drink its bequest

To find a great sea
No horizon is held
Then float the uncharted
By wonder compelled

Look toward the stars
Climb a rocket and soar
To the moon to unlock
The legends of lore

We reap what was sewn
By the few who excel
Overcoming the limits
That comfort compels
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