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Oh the mighty leaf is like
A magic swirling trick;
All veins and stems and chlorophyll
That make the forest tick.

Converting sunlight to the feed
Sustaining life and growth;
Producing carbohydrates which
Advance and urge them both.

Reaching every higher toward
The source that feeds its need,
Branches sprout along the trunk
Adorned with leaves that feed.

Bending and adjusting
To the neighbors casting shade;
Extending roots in vast arrays,
Supporting where they’ve strayed.

Struggle to survive their time
In poverty or wealth;
Adjust to Mother Nature’s whims
To guarantee their health.

They need the earth for their support
And we need theirs in turn;
We must protect their earthly needs
For oxygen we burn.

No different than the lives we live,
A common cause is served;
A mutual dependence born
So both will be preserved.
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