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Day: August 26, 2022

Contemporary Voters

We take all the money
From the many that work
Then pile and gather
Like a Vegas pit clerk.

Consider the best way
They can buy votes
By handing it out
Like grain to the goats.

Then government largesse
To folks easily tricked -
Where support is seen lacking,
The targets are picked.

When Tuesdays come ‘round
And the voters descend
Upon tallying stations
When their polling ascends,

They then are repaid 
By the ones as they’d planned
By handing out money
From another one’s hand.

It’s money that’s laundered
Like a Mafia crew
Illicitly gleaned
Then leaving no clue.

Give ‘em a bone
And they’ll salivate phlegm -
Pavlovian dogs,
The voters to them.
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