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Day: August 21, 2022


Every day I get some calls,
The telephone yet lives;
Since texting is the norm these days
It makes me think, “What gives.”

Nonetheless I answer them,
Though sorry soon I’ll be;
For what they bring and have to share,
They shouldn’t share with me.

I don’t care about their work,
The weather or their friends;
The traffic that they’re stuck within -
Just when the call will end.

Their children’s lives or where they are,
Or what they plan to do;
How smart they are when they compare
Themselves to me or you.

The burdens that they must endure
While living everyday -
As if their life is so unique
While on their feet of clay.

Perhaps unkindly it may seem
To feel the way I do;
But should you feel the need to call
Please call somebody new.

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