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Day: August 7, 2022

Canine Intelligence

There’s a deer outside the pane
Of glass so clear to see
That sets the dog to barking howls,
A hunter on a spree.

A puzzlement the canine is,
A hunter by his trade;
In the wild would feed upon
The prey through woods and glade.

While cats and other beasts of prey
Are stealthy while they stalk,
The goofy dog starts howling first
Instead of simply gawk.

Providing ample notice to
The prey he hopes to catch,
Allowing feed to runaway
Disappearing through the thatch.

Perhaps a dog’s considerate,
Give the prey a chance -
Make the contest sportsmanlike,
An equal in the dance.

But I suspect the opposite,
He’s just not very bright,
Without the kibble in his dish 
He’d faced down hunger’s blight.

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