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Day: June 23, 2022

Rev. Al v the I-Man

It’s what he saw
So what he said,
Now folks are wishin’
He were dead.

For 40 years
He’s talkin’ trash;
It’s what he does
For lots of cash.

Some will listen,
Some will not,
To Imus in
The morning slot.

Tuned in, millions,
To interviews
And come what may.

Others don’t,
And millions more
His morning show
Will just ignore.

You can listen,
You cannot;
Change the station
On the spot.

That’s the freedom
Of the press,
That’s the freedom
To express.

But Reverend Al,
He took offense
To Imus and,
From that pretense,

Called for him
To lose his job;
His audience
From him would rob.

Sharpton’s card
In every scene
He’s ever starred.

He plays the deal
At every chance,
To puff his chest
And prance and dance.

The interest in 
This man exceeds
The worthiness
Of any deeds.

Yet there he is
On center stage,
Stirring up
The public rage.

For what and why,
The big debate -
A silenced man
Less apt to hate?

The danger’s not
In what’s expressed,
The danger’s in 
A voice repressed. 

He masquerades
Behind a prayer;
Of demagogues
You must beware.
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