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False Idol

I could have won the contest,
If only I’d have known;
The prize was worth pursuin’
And to it I’d have flown.

A couple grand she’s richer,
Her name is Katherine Tuck;
While she would win the contest
In Jersey I was stuck.

Montpelier was the venue,
The one that’s in Vermont;
An annual occasion,
A prize that I would want.

The winner was determined
From sneakers on their feet;
And I’d have been the favorite,
The one they’d have to beat.

The Rotten Sneaker Contest,
Now thirty-two years proud,
Features sneakers reeking
So bad they smell out loud!

To win the shoes submitted
Must rise above the smell
Of other sneakers gathered-
Olfactory living hell.

Katherine’s only thirteen,
And that’s too little time;
My feet aged to perfection, 
My feet are in their prime. 

Her shoes, a pair of Nikes,
Are eighteen months in age;
The fungus on my great toe
Is older at this stage!

I could have been a winner,
And Katherine Tuck defeat;
The crowd would hold their noses
And worship at my feet.
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