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Day: June 18, 2022


Something to consider
The next time you are bound
To visit with your dentist
For cavities you’ve found.

The medical tribunal
In London’s fabled town
Oversees the medics,
In counsel to the crown.

Brought before the trio,
A Dr. Hutchinson,
Alleged to be deficient
In dentistry he’d done.

“Sir, it’s been reported,
By patients in your care,
When practicing your practice
No gloves you ever wear.

It’s also been detailed,
By those you have employed,
You utilize quite oddly
Those dental tools deployed.

You clean your fingernails
With tools you then insert
Into your patient’s cavities,
Or so some here assert. 

Dr. Alan Hutchinson
It seems a little weird,
You clean your ears with tweezers 
Until your ears are cleared.
But these offenses pale
They really seem quite tame,
When measured by the tale
For which your nurse here came.

A final question queried
About your dental ways,
Then we will issue findings -
Condemn you or we’ll praise.

In practice as a dentist
For years of twenty-eight;
Do you think within the spittoon 
You ought to urinate?”

The testimony given,
All witnesses he’d faced,
The medical tribunal
Upon him guilt has placed.

He’s not out of business,
Another hearing’s set
To determine if his hygiene
Serves up a dental threat. 
A wave of nausea rises
In patients he has known;
And as for new appointments,
Not likely they’ll be prone.

A checklist for your dentist
Before he parts your lips;
He’s zipped and wearin’ latex
Upon his fingertips.
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