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Day: June 17, 2022

Match Point

I’m still in the running!
I’ve still got a chance!
I’m swabbin’ my tongue,
My chance to enhance.

The judge has decided
To run a new test
On Anna Nicole –
The one with big breasts!

To determine who fathered
Her most recent kid,
Of the hundreds that tried,
They’ll determine which did.

I filed the papers,
My swabs in a tube,
To prove that I fathered
The kid of this rube.

The chances are better,
The investment the same,
As the dollar I’d spend
On a lottery game.

Not like the legs
Of the lady we’ve lost,
Every finger I’ve got
With another is crossed.

Here’s prayin’ my cells
Can be DNA matched
To the motherless baby 
And the fortune attached.
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