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Day: June 13, 2022

Holier Than Thou

Creflow Dollar does all right
Sellin’ Jesus Christ;
He’s got his cake and eats it too,
And every finger’s iced.

Last year alone his church received
Ten million seven times;
Not too bad to hear him preach
And hear his church bell’s chimes.

He lives a lavish style of life,
In Rolls and jets he rides;
Satin suits and manicures,
Refined he struts and strides.

He preaches gospel laced with hope
That fortune will abound
For true believers, God provides
The fortunes he has found.

Exploiting those of poverty
Enriched by ignorance,
He finds his marks like Barnum did
With condescending arrogance. 
Puzzled by extravagance,
The Senate now explores
The avenues by which this man
Brings dollars through his doors.

Not because they’re all concerned
He obfuscates the facts -
But every dollar sent to Dollar’s
One less they can tax.
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