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Day: June 12, 2022


I’m fixin’ up my favorite feast
To feast upon tonight;
Concocted culinarily,
A sensory delight.

Purloining each ingredient,
The finest to be found,
Hand selected from the shelves
Of gourmands world ‘round.

Preparing every element,
‘Til trimmed and washed and weighed;
Discarding parts and keeping parts -
The parts that make the grade.

Expectation welling up,
My tongue will have to wait;
Anticipating what’s to come 
I pant and salivate. 

I’ll cut a head of cauliflower
Into bite-sized bits,
And place into some Tupperware
With lid that burps and fits.

I’ll opened up an envelope
Of Lipton’s Onion Soup;
And pour it into sour cream
And make some dipping goop.

I’ll light a candle in the room,
The mood with Muzak set,
And go to change the clothes I wear -
A suit and tie I’ll get.

Properly attired then
I’ll sit and stuff my face,
With morsels of the cauliflower
On which the dip I place.

Emeril and Julia,
Their gourmet fare but fair;
It pales by comparison
To Le Chef Extraordinaire.
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