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Day: June 11, 2022


Discovered in the hinterland,
Deep within the Chinese state,
Children toiling night and day,
Captured slaves behind a gate.

In poverty they’d languished years,
No food to eat, no clothes to wear;
Lured by men who promised jobs,
Enslaving them within their lair.

Discovered there by accident,
Emaciated skeletons;
Lifting stones at twice their weight,
Their muscles melt to gelatin.

Kept in line with whips and chains
By men of greed and morals lax;
Thirsting in oppressive heat,
Profits turned on little backs.

Seasoned men of turpitude
Welling with antipathy;
Desecrate the innocent,
Barren souls sans empathy.

Humanity is at its core
The good, the bad, the sum of all;
The creed of greed to which we cede -
We further rise when others fall.
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