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Day: June 10, 2022

Comfort Cat

In Providence, Rhode Island
A nursing home has found
A cat can be a comfort
To old folks hangin’ ‘round.

Two years ago at Steere House,
A cat named Oscar came;
Providing patients friendship,
Was this small feline’s aim.

Oscar loves his routine
And does his morning walk
To every room and patient,
And they, to Oscar talk.

Soon after his appearance,
They noticed he’d a knack
For predicting dying patients -
A knack the staffing lack.

They started to observe him
And noted who’d he’d pick
To cozy and to nestle,
It turned out quite a trick.

Whoever he would sleep against
Would die within few hours;
Uncanny was his aptitude
For choosing who’d need flowers.

Without exception twenty-five,
Impending deaths he’d cite;
Within a couple hours they
Were reading them last rites.

So now when Oscar comes to call
And with someone climbs in,
The staff gets on the telephone
To summon next of kin.

The doctor and the nurses note
That Oscar’s almost cold;
Not friendly with the public large,
Aloof and hard to hold.

But when it comes to dying folks,
Oscar’s charms are clear;
A comfort in their waning hours,
He’s there for their last tear.
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