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Day: June 9, 2022

A Book By Its Cover

I bought a pair of cargo pants,
There’re pockets everywhere;
Front to back and down the legs
No place is pocket-bare.

I’m not a cargo kind of guy
But deals I’ll consume;
And they were on a sale rack,
Unwanted I’d presume.

Everyday I’ve always worn
The same as yesterday;
Since I was just a high school kid
I’ve always dressed this way.

Denim jeans by Levi Strauss,
Pre-washed with button fly;
Casually affected I’m
A blue jean kind of guy.

Yesterday I tried my pants
And filled the pockets full
Of coins and phones and pods and things
From which I then could pull.

Enveloped in my khaki pants
I took a stroll around,
And listened as my pockets full
Made rattling sorts of sound.

A different mask of attitude
Within these pants I see;
Bwana Don and Jungle Jim
Got nothing now on me.
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