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Coffee Talk

I went to Starbucks late last night
  To have a cup of brew;
Aromatic, deep and dark
  Something from Peru.

Populated was the place
  With folks of every kind;
Students making small talk,
   Commuters too, you’d find

I perched myself upon the couch
  To take in all the talk;
Topics ranged from politics
  To science, Jonas Salk.

Keys were clicking everywhere,
  Computer screens would blink;
Squinting eyes of users
  Tryin’ hard to think.

The ambience was subtle,
  Muted music played;
Instruments acoustic
  The temperament was swayed.
Society intrigues me,
  Our thoughts we seek to share
With strangers who inhabit
  This planetary lair.

An evening spent in concert
  Deciphering the code;
An evening spent in congress
  With travelers on the road.
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