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Day: May 31, 2022

Grandma’s Blockhouse

In a cinder block building
Formed of red earthen clay
On the farm where it stood
I would while away
The hours of youth
Comprising my day.

The pump-house was home
To a lost childhood
Forty-five acres
Of farmland and wood;
An outpost surrounded
By all that was good.

In the quiet of evenings
Or at the sun’s peak,
From the cold cement floor
Some solitude seek
Alone with the thoughts
Which inhabit the meek.

Troubled the soul
By fortune unknown,
The heavens unbounded
I float on a stone,
Paradox thoughts
Are best served alone.

Consoled in the comfort
Of the mortared and filled,
The ponderous seed
Considered and tilled;
Uncomfortable thoughts,
Soon settled and stilled.

To the lost and abandoned,
A requiem rhyme
Recalled in these thoughts
Of an earlier time.
Salve for the soul;
The blockhouse sublime
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