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Day: May 29, 2022

Bears ‘n Brutes

Yesterday morning
  On December eight;
They commenced hunting bear
  In this our fair state.

They’re cuddly and cute,
  The bears that abound
In the trees in the forest
  Just hanging around.

But people keep breeding
  And building new homes;
And they cut down the forest
 Where the bears like to roam.
So the bears have to move
  To get out of the way;
And their food becomes scarce
  And they’ve no place to play.

But the people are pigs
  And leave litter about
So the bears find new food
  In the trash they’ve thrown out.

Stingy and selfish
 Folks don’t like to share
The land they have stolen
  From the now homeless bear.

So they make up excuses,
  “There’s too many bears!
Let’s kill off a few
  And make rugs of their hair.”

“They’ll be gone from the land
   They used to call theirs;
It worked on the Indians
  It’ll work on the bears!”
So the State of New Jersey,
  Governed by fools,
Decides killing bears
   Isn’t really that cruel.

Discovering a method
  To collect a new tax
They start selling permits
  And those are the facts.  

So yesterday morning,
  The newsmen kept track,
As bears starting dying
  From the bullet attack. 

Now let’s get this straight,
  The men over breed
And push bears from the land
  So there’s nowhere to feed.

Considering now
  The better or worst,
I remind you again
  The bears were there first.

Is it bears or the men
  From whom we should hide?  
I’m thinkin’ it’s men
  But you’ll have to decide.

Call me a pansy
  But this much I know,
The bears ought to stay
  And the people should go.
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