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Day: May 28, 2022

Avian Escape

A close call it was
  At the homestead last night;
I was feedin’ the birds
  And one took to flight.

Out of the door
  From where he is caged,
He fell to the floor
  His flight poorly gauged.

My cats are attentive
  They don’t miss a thing;
From the mantle and counters
  At Pancho did spring.

The Siamese howled
  To the alley cat, “Word!”
My manner was frantic,
  As I dove for the bird.

While the bird in the cage
   Remained on his swing
And mockingly chattered
  And waved with a wing.

The first cat arrived
  As the wings fully fanned;
Then I snatched up the bird
  And the bird bit my hand.

His beak tore a hole
  Through the skin of my hand;
But I couldn’t let go
  Or it’d be his last stand.

Hoisted above
  The cats now below
I opened the cage
  And let the bird go.

Nearly dismembered
  By felines that growl,
Now Pancho’s with Lefty,
 And the cats left to prowl. 
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