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Day: May 27, 2022


A story sad and pitiful
  To you, I have to tell;
I bought a tandem bicycle
  It’s used it is not new.

I don’t know why I bought the thing,
  It was lying with some junk -
That I was passing by one day
  “That’s cool,” is what I thunk.

I took it home and fix the things
  That needed some repair;
A tire, a chain, some grease and screws
  With, yes, my loving care.

I wheeled it out into the street
  And mounted up my steed;
And down the road I peddled it
  And quickly picked up speed.

To me it never dawned upon
  The way I might appear
To neighbors watching this old fool
  But soon it was quite clear.

I heard them all a-muttering to
  Each other as I passed;
Hurtful things, demeaning me -
   I tried to peddle fast. 
“It’s that guy that lives alone -
  The old man with the cats;
The dandelions in his yard -
   The guy with all the hats.”

Their faces filled with pity
  As they watched me peddle by –
My bike that’s built for two to ride
  Is ridden by one guy.
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