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Day: May 25, 2022


It’s one of those sounds
That drives me to drink
That woke me up startled,
Unable to think.

A car alarm screamin’
In the dawn’s early light;
And I thought to myself,
‘Oh no, this ain’t right.’

My ears were annoyed
By the noise it released;
It sounded as if 
It came from the east.

The minutes ticked by
And it soon became clear,
That the owner who owned it
Was somewhere not near.

By the time that an hour
Had passed by my life,
The noise through my head
Sliced like a knife.

I cursed at the party
Who’d unleashed the alarm,
Without a regard
To the neighbors he’d harm.

This guy should be fined,
And his car be removed
To teach him a lesson
And his manners improved!

Five hours, six hours,
Then ten hours had passed;
My mental state threatened,
How long can this last??

I was stompin’ and fumin,’
Couldn’t take anymore,
When a doorbell I heard
So I walked to the door.

A friend I expected
Arrived right on cue,
To begin to begin
What it is that we do.

As we left the front porch
To head for a bar,
She asked why I didn’t
Shut off my alarm.

It seemed the alarm
That moved me to ire,
Was coming indeed,
From near my front tire.

As I shot her a look,
Dispatching with cool,
She acknowledged the look
As the look of a fool. 

Don’t cast aspersions,
Should your house be of glass,
For alarmed you will be
To find you are the ass.
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