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Day: May 24, 2022

Open Wide

‘Twas in the early afternoon
  That in a chair I sat
Of my dentist, Dr. Cheng,
   Who treats the teeth of Matt.

He placed some cotton on a stick
  He got out of a kit;
Then stuck his fingers in my mouth
  And poked around a bit.

He said he had to place a crown
  Within my regal head;
He gave a shot to ease the pain
  So all my teeth went dead.

As he stretched my open mouth
  I tried to take a nap;
But moments later drool would drip
  Onto my waiting lap.

He placed machinery deep inside
  The confines of my jaws;
And particles of tooth and stuff
  Fell victim to his saws.

The doily strapped around my neck
  Caught flecks of loose debris;
Collecting there for all to see
   The parts that once were me.
Dental boy, he smiles a lot,
  I think he likes his job;
He seems perversely taken
 Watching people sob.
I squirmed a bit. Not much you know.
  I tried to be a man.
But that’s a struggle daily faced -
  I do the best I can.

Open, shut and rinse your mouth
  Is all he ever says;
I follow his instructions well
 ‘Cause then he gives you Pez.

When he was done he seemed relieved
  I hadn’t bit his hand;
I thanked him for the throbbing ache
  Then paid him half a grand.
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