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Day: May 20, 2022

New Beginnings

I’m startin’ a cult
Do you want to join in?
I’m invitin’ a few
Of my friends and my kin. 

We’ll sacrifice chickens
At an altar I build;
And pray to the trees
After they’re killed.

We’ll wear special clothes
Made of satin and silk;
Amass a large fortune
From people we bilk.

We’ll live in a compound
Out in the woods;
Guns and grenades
Will protect all our goods.

I’ll preach what I hear
In the radio waves
I hear in my head
From the dead in their graves.

My power will grow
And my influence felt
As the words that I speak
To others are dealt.

The Feds will observe us
As we gather and grow;
And intercept mail
That we send to and fro.

A threat to the country,
That’s what they will claim;
My message divisive
My motive is fame.

The lost and the lonely,
Disillusioned and poor
Disciples will be
In my own private war.

Protected by warriors,
The power I’ll abuse.
To corrupt and disrupt
Myself to amuse.

Should you choose to begin
To follow my lead
And join in the cult
Your possessions you’ll cede.

In exchange you’ll be housed
With believers and fed;
You’ll pledge your devotion
And to me you’ll be wed.

I’ll devise a great plan
When the time is at hand
And lead you to splendor
In a far away land.

In a month of blue moons,
On a dark chilly night,
We’ll drink of a potion
I’ve concocted for flight.

Adorned in our robes
We’ll shake chicken bones
And chant as we lie
On a bed of dry stones.

Together endeavored
Then eternally fly
Beyond the constraints
Of the earth and the sky.
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