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Day: May 18, 2022


‘Twas the night before Christmas
  And all through the house;
I was walking ‘round wearing
  A skirt and a blouse.

When in from the window
  There came a great light –
And a big booming voice cried, 
  “Hey! That ain’t right!”

Caught like a deer
  In the headlight I froze –
And reached in my closet
  For more manly clothes.

With a flash of a camera
  I knew it too late –
My picture was taken
  Thus sealing my fate.

I rushed out the door
  The image to steal –
As the neighbors applauded
  At what I revealed.
With the squeal of tires
  The picture was gone –
And I’m left alone
  In my skirt on the lawn.

Embarrassed for sure
  By the neighbor’s great roar;
With a bow and a curtsey
  I returned to my door.

Sequestered again
  In my home all alone –
I listened to messages
  Neighbors did phone.

“Great pair of legs!
  You really look cute!
“Wish my wife looked as good
  As you in that suit.”
I resolve on this New Year
  To always take care
That my clothing reflects
  My chromosome pair. 
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