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Day: May 12, 2022


The chilly night’s upon us now,
My cats are back in bed
To join the dog and now I’ve got
No place to place my head.

Every year, this time of year,
This petpourri comes ‘round,
To utilize our heat combined
So on the bed they bound.

The dog lays to the left of me,
Her head rests on my leg;
A cat takes up the other side
While room, for some, I beg.

The other cat lies on my back
And purrs us all to sleep;
And tighter to my body all
Throughout the night will creep.

I’m left with not an inch at all
To move around the bed;
And I can’t pull the blankets up -
They lie there like they’re dead.

Combined our body temperature
Could melt my bony knees;
It’s hard to sleep when heat exceeds
Four-hundred four degrees.

When summer comes a-crawlin’ home,
To me they pay no heed;
I’m just a winter heat whore they
Avail when they’re in need. 
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