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Christmas Morn ’04

On Christmas morning, all alone,
  With hopes of gifts to see;
Down the stairway, I did fly,
  To look beneath my tree.

I flipped the lights on in the hall,
  I didn’t want to fall;
The cats came rushing down with me -
  A holiday for all.

Around the corner to the room
  Where I’d put up the tree;
We rushed together in the chill
  To see what we would see.

A timer runs the coffee pot,
  Aroma filled the air;
I grabbed a cup to keep me warm
  When at my gifts I’d stare.

But underneath the tree we looked,
  For gifts that Santa brought.
But nothing filled the emptiness;
  No gifts, as we had thought.

Maybe next year, maybe not
  We’ll have to wait and see;
Someday Santa Clause will come
  With gifts to visit me.
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