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Day: May 10, 2022

History Repeats

World events unfolding,
Repeating all that’s past;
No news today is novel,
Old news today is cast.

A leftist re-elected.
Nic Maduro rules
The streets of Venezuela
With military tools.

His neighbors leaning his way,
The socialists will rise;
Supplant the democratic
With demagogic lies.

England’s filled with intrigue,
Russian spies are killed;
Poison sprays and sushi,
Dissenting voices stilled.

Rhetoric, religious,
Fuels the flames of hate;
Genocidal despots
Determine tribal fate.

The high court now considers
Integration’s path;
Discriminating busses 
Inciting racial wrath.

The pendulum is swinging,
And we’ve been here before;
We’ve read this morning’s news
Back in nineteen sixty-four.
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