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Day: May 9, 2022

To Serve You

I cooked up some pasta
For me to consume;
Yesterday evening
In a pot in a room.

Farfelle and Spirals,
The noodles I mixed,
Together with sauce
In the dish that I fixed.

Italian, the spices,
Some pepper and chives;
Some mushrooms I sliced
And some honey from hives,

Together with meat
From a turkey’s white breast;
Browned to perfection,
The sacrificed chest.

Layered with cheese
In a cake pan I found,
Then baked for an hour
While I waited around.

Out of the oven
And onto each dish;
For myself and my cats,
Though they prefer fish.

I’m not one to brag
But I make a great a meal;
My pasta should win
The Good Housekeeping Seal.
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