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Day: May 7, 2022

Paul Vance

Another death to ruminate
Another’s death to mourn;
Another death to contemplate
Another from us torn.

Another songsmith quit the earth
Another songsmith left;
Another songsmith full of mirth,
Another wife bereft.

Inspired by his wife so shy,
Inspired by his bride;
Inspired by her, he’s the guy
Inspired, he’d decide

To chronicle her bashfulness
To chronicle the coy;
To chronicle self-consciousness
To chronicle and toy.

The new bikini that she bought,
The new bikini dared,
The new bikini, too much skin
The new bikini bared.

Too reserved to share her skin,
Too reserved to show;
Too reserved, she just stayed in,
Too reserved to go.

He amused, her antics there,
He amused would cite;
He amused, for all to share
He amused would write

An itsy-bitsy-teenie song,
An itsy-bitsy poem;
An itsy-bitsy not-too-long, 
An itsy-bitsy tome,

About the polka-dotted cloth
About the cotton wrought;
About the yellow dot bikini,
That his wife had bought. 
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