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Day: May 5, 2022


At Panera I was found,
  This Sunday morning past;
In Millburn, ‘cross from Bed and Bath,
  Upon a couch was cast.

A couple I soon spotted parked
  Outside Panera’s door;
In a Volvo, middle-aged,
  In clothes that said, ‘Not poor’.

In the car they sat a while
  Then they drove away;
Within a couple minute’s time
  Returned they did to stay.

The pair then climbed outside the car,
  For they’d begun to bore;
Came inside and found a spot
  Inside Panera’s door.

Before they took their seats to sit
  Their coats, hung on their chair,
Then many napkins gathered up
  Along with silverware.
The man was then dispatched to grab
  The samples neatly spread
Upon a table in the front;
  Both hands he filled with bread.

Little chunks of every bread
  He held like they were gold,
And took them to his lady friend
  And on their table doled.

He then produced a big ol’ jar
  Of peanut butter spread,
From in a briefcase carried in,
  They spread on sampled bread.

And there they sat consuming food
  For which they’d paid no fee;
And purchased not an item sold -
  No coffee, soup or tea.

When they were done consuming food,
  Their peanut butter packed;
And like the pirates on the sea,
  They’d left Panera sacked.

Back into their Volvo climbed,
  All shiny, black and clean;
In all my life of many years
   No cheaper folks I’ve seen.
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