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Day: May 2, 2022


I heard a howling from a room
Up on the second floor;
A painful moan emitted when
You’re at the threshold door.

It sounded like a dog that’s beat
So I rushed up the stairs,
To find the kitten hangin’ on
The dog’s long, curly hairs.

Between its teeth, it held an ear
And with its claws it grasped
The face and nose of the poor beast
And hence, she moaned and gasped.

Her pleading eyes looked up to me
To seek some comfort there;
I gently lifted up the cat
And placed her on a chair.

No blood was dripping from the dog,
Her pride alone impaired;
The kitten arched her back and hissed
As if the dog she dared.

The kitten is all attitude,
For surely she must know
The dog could eat her on the spot
And end the status quos.

A lesson handed to us all
From kitten down to man;
The secret to achieving dreams?
Believing that you can.
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