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Day: January 29, 2022

Man vs Beast

This should come as no surprise,
A shock it shouldn’t be;
Compared to man more rational,
The lowland chimpanzee.

An anthropological institute
In Leipzin, Germany;
Tested men and chimpanzees
To see what they could see.

An economic game was hatched,
A game of choice to share;
Then scientists determined which
More rational the pair.

Rewards were given to the pair,
To keep them they must share;
So each to other’d offer some,
In terms they thought were fair.

If the offer was denied
Then neither got the prize;
When the games concluded then
They knew which one was wise.

The human offered nearly half
Of everything to share,
But wouldn’t take an offer less
Though nothing then they’d bear.

The monkeys on the other hand,
Would offer less than fair;
But not an offer they’d deny,
Accepting any share.

The monkeys’ own self-interest served,
They’d offer less than fair;
Unwilling too to pay the cost
To punish those unfair.

And so if judged by rationale,
The chimpanzee’d exceed
The reasoning of humankind
In serving its own need.
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