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Day: January 28, 2022

A Mighty Big Boy

He’s in the book of records now,
The biggest boy you’ll find;
Manuel Uribe’s huge
And lives a life maligned.

Twelve hundred pounds of people
Are rolled into this man;
Four hundred pounds though smaller
Than he used to span.

Confined within his bedroom
For most of forty years;
Too big to venture outside
For heart attacks he fears.

He started a foundation
To help the overweight;
To share his fat condition
With others of his fate.

Surgeries aplenty,
Performed upon his mass;
But nothing seemed to help him,
Each hundred pound he’d pass.

Next year he’s in contention
To win another prize;
The most in measured weight loss
By any set of thighs.

He’s done the best he’s able
To live with such a curse;
But when his days are over
I’d like to see his hearse.
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