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Day: January 27, 2022


The dogs and cats are droppin’ fast,
Eatin’ food from poison cast.
  Cans and pouches they’ve recalled
The flag at PetSmart flies half-mast.

A hundred labels, high to low,
Brands unknown and brands you know.
  Menu Foods, the source of all
From A & P to Stop ‘n Go.

Sliced in gravy, tasty bits
Will stop a kidney when it hits.
  Lethargy and vacant eyes
Manifest in pups and kits.

It’s been a week since they’d first try
To isolate the reason why
  So many pets grew sick and then 
Account for why the pets would die.

A change in source of gluten bought
By Menu Foods is now what’s thought
  To be behind the tainted tins
And to all pets has danger brought.

Passing pets, they grow morose;
Another day, it’s adios.
    I see my dog and see the can
And wonder, ‘What’s a lethal dose?’  
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