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Day: January 26, 2022

Twisted Tryst

A twist in a case
From a few weeks ago;
I’ll tell you about it
In case you don’t know.

Reported as follows
In the news of the day:
From work a man came 
And his wife was at play.

Interrupted was she
From her frolicking way,
Her companion and she
Discontinued their play.

The boy, just a student,
Ran toward his car,
But the man with a gun,
Assured that’s as far.

The infidel wife
Watched the boy being shot,
Then watched her dear husband
As arrested he got.

At first it appeared
It was simply blind rage
That enveloped the husband,
Thus setting the stage.

But a week or two later,
The wife’s with her kin
When she makes an attempt
To do herself in.

The cops are suspicious,
There’s something they’ve missed;
There’s more to the story
Then an afternoon tryst.

The wife and her spouse,
Different tales they tell;
But the wife clearly lies -
A kid’s ringin’ her bell!

They pound her down hard
With the questions and facts;
The evidence mounts
And against her it stacks.

Despondent she cracks,
The truths from her spill -
What she said to her husband
That sent him to kill.

When the husband came in
She’d been disarrayed;
Essentially naked
From the hours she’d played.

She screamed as the boy
Ran out toward drive,
“I’ve been raped and assaulted!
It’s with luck I’m alive!”

Believing her words
Would her husband placate,
Her words would instead
Seal the boy’s fate.

The child she’s slept with
She accuses of rape,
Then points to the place
That he’s made his escape!

This woman who cheated
And was caught in the act,
Would stoop even lower
To cover the fact!

Now the husband is thinking
A crime had occurred;
To the basest of instinct
His manner deferred.

Chasing the ‘rapist’
He ran through the door
And shot ‘til he killed
With shot number four.

Reflecting upon
These changes in facts,
The wife was arrested;
Any morals she lacks.

Now she’s the one jailed,
She’s charged with the crime,
And her husband’s released
He’ll be doin’ no time.

He defends a man’s kingdom
Avenging her cries;
Compelled to react
By his wife’s wily lies.

The Tarrant Grand Jury
Has declined to accuse
The husband of crimes,
And all charges excuse.

In Tarrant, a family
Has lost their dear son,
And a husband will live
With the killing he’s done.

No price is too high
For this woman to pay,
For her little white lie
And a roll in the hay. 
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