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Day: January 20, 2022


They’re invading our lives,
Every breath that we take,
Protecting ourselves 
From the judgments we make.

The government thinks
That your freedom of choice
Should be theirs to decide
Not a freedom you voice.

Every year passing
Brings about laws
Patronizing some sector
For their votes and their cause.

But they’re going to far
And it’s time to revolt,
To rally the masses,
Uprightwardly bolt.

Introducing a law,
Two congressmen talk
About fining the foks
Who text while they walk.

And Maryland’s trying
To stop the massage
Of animals equine
As a part of dressage.

For years in Damascus
In Maryland state,
A woman name Mercedes
To horses relates.

To train and to calm them
Her services sought,
By the owners of horses
For muscles grown taut.

Now the state has declared
That she no longer can –
She needs a license,
Until then she’s banned.

She’ll have to acquire
The license that’s held
By masseuses and trainers
That are likewise compelled.

They’ve shuttered her business
Of fifteen long years,
She can’t rub their muscles
But only their ears.

From the language you use,
To the jokes you can tell,
To the people you hire
And what you can sell,

Their hot air combines
With an iron-fist way
Corroding the soul
With each passing day.

Slowly eroding,
The land of the free-
The political forces
Destroy by decree.
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