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Day: January 18, 2022

Bare Trend

There’s a new trend
That’s making its mark -
Activities done
Naked and stark.

Not sexy and swinging
But normal things nude;
Hobbies done naked
But never done crude. 

Pete’s got a place
On Old Fulton Street
In Brooklyn New York
Where naked you’ll eat.

The diners and waiters
The staff and the crew,
Don’t wear a stitch
While swilling the brew.

And the Mercantile Grill
Serves beverage and food
In lower Manhattan
To those dining nude.

Perhaps meditation’s
More suited to you
Then the Temple of Phoenix
Offers yoga to do.

Stretching and pulling
While naked and bare,
Downward faced dogs
Waving butts in the air.

At the People’s Improv,
A comedic showcase,
The only thing worn
Is a smile on a face.

There’s even an airline
That flies the blue sky,
Each passenger nude,
Each bosom and thigh.

But judging from people
I’ve seen on the street,
Nude’s not the way
Most people I’d meet. 

It’s surely sounds better
Than it’s sure to be,
When most of the dressed
I’d rather not see.

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