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Day: January 17, 2022


He was a good student they say
Nonetheless he’s the worst anyway;
  At the top of his class,
  He came in dead last
At the graduate student soiree.

When he started the school there were plenty
Of students like him, maybe twenty.
  But when he was done,
  He was it, only one,
The classroom was virtually empty.

Through four years that he had attended
All others attending had ended
  Their presence at school
  And adherence to rule,
One way or another suspended.

Embarking on his senior year
To everyone soon it was clear;
  They’d all said goodbye,  
  There was only one guy
Attending the lectures to hear.

‘Twas the shortest of services rendered,
When official diplomas were tendered.
  He walked ‘cross the stage
  When his name they did page,
Then his cap and his gown he surrendered.

The best and the brightest attending
The class of ’08 he was ending.
  Though finishing first
  He was also the worst,
Both honors to him they’re extending.
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