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Day: January 13, 2022

Hypocrite Oath

A political contributor,
A member of a board
The commissioner of health care
Within the Governor’s ward,
Owns a Vegas clinic,
The unhealthy wander toward,
Where sickly come for curing,
Where care upon them’s poured.

But it seems a nasty habit
The clinic did engage
When prepping for a patient
Of youth or certain age,
Syringes they would gather
To utilize and wage,
Were less than clean and sterile
Than equipment they should stage.

Figuring to save a buck,
The needles they’d reuse
On subsequent inflicted
When meds they would infuse.
Disavow the sacred vow,
The oath they would abuse;
Dishonoring Hippocrates
By economic ruse.

Forty thousand now believed
Exposed to dire disease,
From AIDS to Hepatitis C
Or others, as you please.
With character both flawed and failed,
But judged by their degrees,
The Hippocratic Oath set sail
Upon a fiscal breeze.

Sure they went to college and
Can diagram a heart;
Sure they’re licensed by the state
To doctor every part.
Sure they studied long and hard
To learn the ancient art;
And sure they wear a lab coat white,
But that don’t make ‘em smart. 
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