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Day: December 15, 2021


A dope of fifteen junior years
Shoots up a school and kills
A bunch of kids who’ve nothing done
To satisfy his thrills.

So what’s a lawyer s’posed to do
But sue the school and staff?
Two hundred mil he’s asked in suits,
Of course it’s such a laugh.

The school and staff have no such funds,
The taxpayers will pay -
He’ll walk away with so much green
While the killer’s put away.

And now tornadoes ripped a path
Through every inch of earth
Destroying homes and businesses
Within their spinning girth.

So lawyers set in motion now
The suits a buck to seek
From businesses they claim were wrought
Inadequate, too weak.

How ‘bout this, just blame the ones
Whose deed have wreaked the deed?
Instead of raping citizens
To feed your endless greed?

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