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Day: December 14, 2021


Never underestimate
The impact and the sword
Thrust by those whose interests lie
In purposes untoward.

An article by lesser minds
Comprised of lesser years,
Critiquing every boomer’s trait
To compensate their fears.

However one would catch my eye
Mocking typing’s choice -
Boomer’s using fingers born
To give their text a voice.

Apparently the digits chose
For typing on a phone
Make fodder for the younger set
To mock the aging crone.

Thumbs dispatched the preference for
This generation’s votes,
While boomers with their index touch
Demonstrate that they’re old goats.

So now I’ve undertaken steps
To remedy my style,
Currently I exercise 
My thumbs by test and trial.

To gain proficiency in text
Embrace the social plea 
So I might not be minimized
By Generation Z.
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