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Day: December 12, 2021


On the precipice she stood
About to rise again and then,
Reaching for the stars she fell -
Oops, she’s done it once again.

Just when Anna’s been embalmed
And there’s an opening for a blonde,
Britney’s shorn her golden locks
Now Anna’s crown cannot be donned.

Anna’s place upon the stage,
Within the reach where Britney stood;
She had the hair and has the brains
A couple implants, she’d be good.

But alas, she’s made a choice
Derailing hope and losing face;
While dizzy blondes are always vogue
A blonde that’s bald is out of place.

So to the trailer she will go
Recoup her loss and underwear;
Her options nearly running out,
This average girl from anywhere.
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