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Day: December 11, 2021

A Good Morning

Spectacular I’d have to say,
An accident that came my way;
Outside the doors of where I stay
A van and truck got in a fray.

I heard the squealin’ of a brake,
The tires cry and windows break;
The sickening sounds a wreck can make
Loud and clear, the toll they’d take.

A mini-van and refuse truck,
Together timed, ran out of luck.
Both had spun and now were stuck
On curbs apart from where they struck.

Confounded by the van she’d veered
Into the truck a man had steered,
Through the door the driver cleared,
A shaken lady soon appeared.

Toward the doorway fast I dash
To render aid to those that crash.
In the grass, the victims thrash;
Their morning ruined in a flash.

As if someone had stoled their toys
Into girls had turned the boys;
Groaning, moaning, making noise,
All remnants lost had they of poise.

Blood was spilling on the ground
As people gathered all around;
Gashes deep in bodies found,
No doubt they’d soon be doctor bound. 

Behind the door and at the street
My dog began to bark and bleat;
Always seeking food to eat,
Found the scent of fresh cut meat.

Fire trucks and cars with cops
Arrived with tools and guns and mops;
Medics giving shots and drops
Then onto gurneys each man plops.

Out the window, plain to see
A front yard filled with crash debris;
A better way there couldn’t be
To start a day in front of me.
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