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Day: December 9, 2021


I’m exhausted today,
I must have had fun
Though I can’t recall
A thing that I’ve done.

I’m tired and drained
And I struggle to rise
From the bed where I’ve been
To open my eyes.

I think the sun shone,
That the weather was nice,
But certain I’m not
There wasn’t some ice.

My time spent alone
In the great out of doors;
Or maybe inside
Moppin’ the floors.

I partied with friends
Or partied alone,
I must have had fun
This much is known:

My body is sluggish,
My brain’s in a fog,
When I speak to the cats
I croak like a frog.

I cannot believe
Two days have gone by,
Depleting resources
Without a clue why.

My memory’s muddled
With weekends of past;
Because, I suppose,
So many have passed.

One’s like the last,
The next like those passed;
Distinguished no more
The shadows they cast. 
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