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Day: December 8, 2021


Flash your lights and honk your horn!
They want your car to run on corn.
Save the world from all the ill
Resulting from the oil we spill.

But there’s a price for everything
And quite a price this change will bring.
Like the rock thrown in a lake,
Ripples form and changes make.

Less corn to feed our pigs and cows
As more goes into cars and plows;
The cost of eating fine cuisine
Will rise as from the oil we wean.

Cows and pigs are fed the corn,
Along with sheep that then are shorn;
And each will cost a little more
To feed until they’re at the store.
Lesser crops will be discharged
As fields of corn will be enlarged;
Dedicate to corn what’s tilled
Until the farms with corn are filled.

The other crops in short supply,
More costly now to bake a pie.
Cocoa Puffs and Wonder Bread
Will cost you more to keep you fed.

Chops and steaks of beef and lamb
Will rise in price and so will Spam;
Sweaters made of woolen blend
Will cost you more to buy a friend.

Perhaps the biggest change of all
From oil to corn, as changes fall - 
Who’ll be left for us to fight
If oil demand were stopped tonight? 
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