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Day: December 7, 2021

US Senate v Limbaugh

The Congress of our country dear
Has numbers even Bush would fear;
Approval ratings down below
The lowest low that Bush will go.

Every point they lose is earned,
Their relevancy clearly burned;
Posturing fools without a clue
To whom we all should bid adieu.

Soldier’s dying everyday,
A healthcare system in decay,
A mortgage crisis, deficits;
Addressing these, a bunch of twits.

Two days this week they spent in waste,
Denouncing adversaries faced;
The talking heads that deign oppose
The Senate’s views on radios.

Distorting what a talking head
Didn’t say but they say said,
Debated how to reprimand
The free speech spoke on AM’s band.

This cloud of fetid passing gas,
A resolution toothless pass;
It’s official, they don’t like
Conservatives with open mikes.

What a waste of time and space;
The whole of congress a disgrace.
Condemned free speech, his one offense,
While soldier’s died in its defense.
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