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Day: December 6, 2021


The country’s quite conservative
Away from both its shores;
In the heartland people pray
And always do their chores.

In North Dakota, there’s a law
Forbidding couples dwell
Within the confines of a home
Without a wedding bell.

Thirty days in jail spend
A hefty fine you’ll pay,
Should you cohabitate a place
As hetero or gay. 

Six other states maintain these laws,
Florida leads the set;
Both Virginias, Michigan
And Mississippi yet.

But just this week they had a vote
To overturn and douse
This law based on morality
In North Dakota’s house.

Two prior sessions, such a vote
Failed to get it done,
But this time 48 said yes,
Against were 41.

Even in repealing it
The vote’s a testament,
To values quite traditional
And how far right they’re bent.

You’d never guess, when reading press
Or listening to the stars;
They’re out of touch with most of those
Who drive domestic cars. 
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