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Once upon a lifetime born
Upon a distant star,
A child from another world
Descended in a jar.

On the surface bright with light
Emerging from the jar,
The child assumed his place in time
Upon this distant star.

Beneath his feet the surface soft,
No clouds were in the sky;
No forces gravitational
Secured him, he could fly.

Acknowledging the life he’d live
While other lives deny,
He set about the life he’d lead
And never questioned why.

High above the surface flew,
Exploring niche and nook,
Looking for some company 
And everywhere he’d look.

Desolation filtered from
The crevices and hills;
In the vast and cosmic state,
No company fulfills.

He settled into loneliness,
Abandoned on his sphere;
Carved an ‘X’ into his scalp
Beneath then, ‘I am here.’

No one knew his circumstance,
And no one knew his name;
And when his candle flickered out,
No one missed the flame.
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