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From hallways and from corridors,
Cavernous and deep,
From underneath the rocks and sludge
The politicians creep.

Duplicitous in nature,
Their souls are sold and bought
To further their ambition
For offices they’ve sought.

Balanced in the shadows,
The politician’s pace
Between the fact and fiction
For neither they embrace.

In empty suits suspended,
Their spineless bodies twitch
With focus group opinion 
And PACs and dirty tricks.

In the current clueless
And with the winds they veer;
They’re retrospective genius,
For hindsight’s always clear.

Mirrors do not reflect them,
No shadows do they cast;
Contrived and artificial,
Principally surpassed.

We follow them like lemmings
And ride their rise and fall;
If they’re the best and brightest,
Heaven help us all. 
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