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A hundred and six,
A good long run,
  But still he’s goin’ strong;
A Chinese guy
Name Pan Xiting
  From just outside Hong Kong.

And true to men 
Most anywhere,
  He likes his women young.
So when he found
An Asian babe,
  From bachelorhood he sprung.
She’s quite a catch
For guys his age,
  He’ll struggle to keep up;
You’d have to say,
  His bitch is just a pup.

Wrested from
The other guys
  Who’d love her for their own,
He loves to show
His child bride
  Is his and his alone.

She sashays ‘round
Like she’s ‘all that,’
  She’s sexy, full of fun;
Keeps the fire
In our Pan,
  This girl of eighty-one. 
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